Welcome to AutoSonics!

Thank you for visiting our web page! Our 27 years of mobile electronics history has brought us through many changes in both electronics and vehicles. We have always embraced leading edge technologies and have strived to do professional and quality installations. Our main goal is excellence, whether it's car audio, video, security systems, or modern safety add-ons and interfaces. Be sure to check out our modern showroom and professional installation facilities. For a list of some of the things we can do visit the "Our Services" page.

Since 1989 AutoSonics has led the way providing the best quality electronic components with professional installations.

Some Of Our Authorized Distributors

Neil Byers

Neil Byers has been in the audio business for over 40 years. He opened AutoSonics in Novato in 1989 with the main goal of bringing the home stereo experience to the car. His company has grown over the years, widening and diversifying it's services. AutoSonics has always be considered Marin County's best audio stereo store, now specializing in a miriad of related mobile electronics products. While sound was his specialty in the beginning, AutoSonics now offers safety features such as back-up cameras, blind spot detention, GPS tracking and DVR recording cameras. His goal has always been to provide professional installation using the best available products from many leading manufacturers.


Raul Espinosa, Master Technician

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Raul has over 25 years of audio installation experience. He embraces the challenge of learning new techniques while maintaining a professional and well managed shop.